Hammerwatch is one of them Indie rogue-like dungeon crawler hack ‘n’ slash 4-player co-op games, being Crackshell’s (Ducktales anybody?) first game . I bet most of you didn’t even hear of it, since it’s not that well known, but you know about it now!

Hammerwatch has both a singleplayer mode and a multiplayer mode, both having the same setting though. Solo isn’t that fun, since it can get boring pretty fast because of it’s repetitive nature. But multiplayer sure is fun! Loot dungeons together! Kill monsters together! Run into spikes together! Kill bosses together! You know, the fun stuff!

 I didn’t play that much of it… well, I only got past the first boss (We still gotta find out how to save in multiplayer). I don’t think the rest of the game will be any different. Harder, maybe, but game-play wise most likely the same. Out of what I played, here’s a list of pros and cons, in my opinion:

Pros :

  1. A very fun multiplayer experience (Seriously, give it a try).
  2. Fun puzzles and lots of secrets.
  3. 4 classes – one for each player!
  4. Quite a challenge.

Cons :

  1. Pretty repetitive (But well, it’s a dungeon crawler)
  2. Solo can get boring fast.
  3. Can be very hard (If you don’t like a challenge, you might not like this. If you loose all your lives, it’s game over, you gotta play from the start again)

I give it a…

8.5/10. You should give it a try if you love challenging old-school games!

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