With a game as big as GTA 5, a bit of a help isn’t bad. If you are searching for tips for your start in Los Santos you are at the right place. Lets get started.

Get to know the City!

Los Santos is  bigger then any other map from any of the past GTA’s, and you should explore and get to know every corner. Not only is it fun, it also helps with navigation and in stressful car chases. As you have different Planes and helicopters available in GTA V you should use them to get a overview of the huge open-world.


The right weapons are important!

There are plenty of weapons in GTA V and they all can be useful, but you should search for the right guns for different situations. If you don’t  want to be noticed  for example, it is important to use silent weapons with silencers-you can see on the radar from how far away people hear the sound of you firing the weapon. Thanks to the big arsenal of weapons and the customizing you can optimize your equipment. Some weapons like guns and assault rifles are good all-round weapons. Others like sniper rifles and rocket launchers are better for certain situations. It’s great that you can carry one weapon of every kind, but you have to make priorities when it comes to buying, customizing and upgrading.


Get the right cars!

Vehicles, Vehicles and Vehicles! GTA is also famous for its many different vehicles and GTA V reaches a new dimension in that point. Just like with weapons the choice of vehicles is a choice of personal preferences and the situation. For the max mobility motorbike, sportscars and other fast cars like muscle cars are good but they are of course not the most solid ones. If you count on car chases and police activities you better do drive a solid car. If you can choose you should use Franklin as a driver. His special ability is almost too powerful if you let him drive.


Play  YOUR game

Let yourself be distracted. GTA always is the most fun if you play like you want. Instead of following just the story the whole time you could finish side quests. Keep in touch with your friends with the mobile phone, and sometimes play a minigame-nothings better then a round of yoga or tennis in between the whole shooting and fast driving. Or you go on the hunt, do some base-jumping or dive in the ocean. Or you help one of the weird characters in of the strangers and freaks missions. Or you know you take your favorite vehicle turn on some cheats and run around the world making some chaos – the world is you sandbox.


Money rules the world

Additional to the well-known shops, such as Ammu-Nation, there are many other new shops, from workshops over clothing to an amusement park with the wonderful name Glory Hole. A new feature in GTA 5 is BAWSAQ- lots of shops and some companies are on the stock market and you can buy stocks over the official website. Try your luck, it is risky but gun sellers for example won’t get poor in Los Santos.


Properties and real estate

Even properties can be acquired in GTA V. If you go to dynasty8realestate.com in the in-game web browser you can buy different building and properties. Of course buying properties is more a thing for mid or late game if you don’t have to worry about weapons and cars.


Practice Makes Perfect

Your characters can improve through training, such as doing sports, driving around, flying planes, crouching around, and even just running! This will help you with plenty of things, and overall improve your gameplay experience.

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