1. Did you know that Pokémon nearly didn’t exist? The development started originally in the year 1990 but had to be stopped several time because the developers didn’t have enough money. The had to make contract works and beg for money so they could finish Pokémon. One of the works they did was Yoshi for the Gameboy. Luckily the title sold good and they finally could finish the game in the year 1996.


2. The success was huge. Today Pokémon is the most successful role-play franchise ever made with more copies sold then The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Gothic. A total of 66 titles are made of which Nintendo sold stunning 220.000.000 copies. On the second place of the bestselling role playing games is Final Fantasy with 100.000.000 copies.


3. Pokémon  originally was named Capsule Monsters inspired by the Japanese capsule automates which gave you little capsules with monsters in it. Because of license issues it then was renamed in capumon but then got the current name Pokémon, the short form for pocket monster.


4. The first idea for the first episode of the Pokémon anime was that Ash gets the Pokémon Pixie from Dr.Oak. In the end it was changed to Pikachu for the female fans. Pikachu became the mascot of the whole franchise.Image

5. Pokémon was the first video game franchise to get its own theme park. 2005 the Poke Park was opened in Japan. Visitors could ride the Pikachu fun ride, take the Pokémon train or shoot on Pokémon’s in the 3D action cinema. The Park was closed after 6 months.


6. 1997 the 38th episode of the anime became famous for a rather bad reason. In the episode Dennō Senshi Porygon, Pikachu destroys a rocket with his lightning bolts. The rocket explodes in a visual effect that triggered epileptic seizures. 685 children ended up in a hospital. The episode was never shown again in Japan and never aired in European countries and the US.


7. There a plenty of censored things in the non-japanese versions of Pokémon. In Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow you meet a sleeping old man who only lets you pass if you bring him coffee. In the original Japanese version this guy is drunk. In gold and silver character sprites were changed. The fisherman isn’t allowed to smoke anymore, the ladies get longer skirts and in the European version Reggie steel is changed so it doesn’t look like he’s doing the Hitler salute anymore.



8. In the N64 game “Hey you Pikachu, that was never released in Europe, is a nice Easter egg. With the microphone that came with the game you were able to speak with Pikachu who then reacts to your words. But if you said the word “PlayStation” he would get angry.


9. Did you know that the Pokémon were created by Satan and spoil our kids? At least this is what the grace fellowship church in Iowa says. One of their preacher spiked and burned Pokemon in front of 100 children in the year 1999. He explained that the Pokemon would spoil the innocence of the children and raised them to future Satanists. During the procedure the people all shouted “Kill them all”.


10. Did you know that the British supermarket chain “Tesco” the youngest worker employed that ever existed? The young Laurie was employed to educate the staff about the franchise and thus  helped optimizing the sales strategy. With her help Tesco made a profit of  a million pounds on the Easter weekend, only through the selling of Pokemon products. As a thank you from Tesco laurie could take whatever she wanted from one of their stores.

During the research I found so many facts that it would be enough for a second Trivia on Pokemon. Write in the comments if you want a second one or of which game you want a Trivia in the future.

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